Hey I'm Monica, 18, Peace, Love, Unity.

Traveling, Love and Nature make me weak, I'm stronger as a person due to my past and the man of my dreams <3

Partying, Singing, Smoking weed, Dancing, Being Social and Making people Laugh are somethings I enjoy.

I definitely am that friend who tries there best to make everyone Smile.
I have that obnoxiously loud laugh.
People think I'm weird or strange, Just because I'm Different.
But they just don't know me, I can't help it if i'm loud.

Follow me I Follow Back <3

If you have any questions just ask!
I'd love to answer (:


I have low self-esteem, But i&#8217;m learning not to care what others think.It&#8217;s harder than people realize&#8230;  

I have low self-esteem, But i’m learning not to care what others think.
It’s harder than people realize…  


Some people can just get the fuck out, Don’t start telling me that Weed is a horrible drug and is worse for you than any other drug out there.
You know fuck all, just because you are a non-user does not give you the right to lecture others about it, mind your own business.

I have my own beliefs and i don’t have to follow yours.

Smoke weed, Be happy, Live life.  

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